"Sharing Christ -- Building Believers!"

East Berlin Community Church

Spring at EBCC


Church Information

115 Collings Avenue

West Berlin, NJ  08091

(856) 767 - 5953

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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 491

Berlin, NJ  08004

Email: information@ebcchurch.org

Scheduled Services

    Sunday-- 9:45 AM  Sunday School

                   10:50 AM  Worship

                     6:30 PM   Youth

    Wednesday-- 7:00 PM  HIS KIDS

     Small Groups meet during the week at various locations for Bible study and prayer.

Pastor:  Rev. Keith A. Mosebrook

During the month of April and the first Sunday in May,  Pastor Keith will continue the series of messages, entitled, "Jesus' Plain Talk", an indepth study of Jesus' Sermon on the Plain recorded in Luke 6.   We are cautioned about following the wrong religious leaders. We should never follow a blind guide-- one who honors God with their lips, but their heart is far from Him. One who reinterprets the clear teaching of God's Word, adding man's ideas to what the Scripture teaches.  One who nullifies God's Word by their traditions, or one who emphasizes one aspect of God's truth to the neglect of the whole.  We must be careful who we follow and how we follow.  We should never follow blindly, but always measure everything we hear by the standard of God's Word.  We need a new set of eyes to see clearly our own faults so that we can do something about them.  Jesus warns us to be careful how we build our lives.  We need a sure foundation for life that can withstand future storms-- and that sure foundation is a life of obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord!